Recruiters You Should Follow to Learn More About Growth Hacking Recruitment in 2021

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Step up your growth hacking game with this list of recruiters to follow in 2021. Observing these people already growth hacking recruitment will help you learn some of the tactics you need to become a growth hacking recruiter. We hope they can give you a little bit of inspiration for your own personal brand and show you cool growth hacking tricks you can use to hire more.

The Story Behind This List

One of the first pieces of content ever created for the Growth Hacking Recruiters was a list of people you should follow. Three years on and we thought it should be one of the first bits of content to revisit and share on our new website.

Observing experts is a great way to learn. If you are just starting to learn more about how to apply growth hacking tactics to recruiting the easiest way to learn is to learn by watching others. If you have been doing this a while then you definitely know this and can use this list to find new inspiration. Don’t steal their ideas or content, check out what they are doing add to it and use your personal flair to leverage the tactics they are using.

Influencer Lists are a great growth hack to attract attention and grow your audience. A growth hack every recruiter should learn to use. It was indeed one of the first ever growth hacks we used to get more attention for the growth hacking recruiter community on facebook. Its evergreen content that can be updated easily and takes little effort to create in the first place. And of course, it has a clever viral loop as we hope the people included mentioned here will give us a shout out when they see the list.

This is not a list of influencers; we have tried to avoid including the normal recruiting influencers to focus on recruiters you probably haven’t heard of. We chose those we feel will inspire you and help you learn something. Most of the people here may not even consider themselves Growth Hacking Recruiters. But, they are definitely applying growth hacking tactics and methodologies to grow their business, their brand and hopefully (its always tough to check) hire more.

What is a Growth Hacking Recruiter?

Growth Hacking Recruiter applies the growth mindset, tools and techniques to grow teams effectively. They leverage their curiosity to solve complex recruiting problems. They make data lead decisions and use media and technology to hit hiring targets with minimal financial investment. Simply put, they help companies hire more with less.

Growth Hacking Recruiters can be found in all parts of the recruiting world Agency, Inhouse and Vendors. Some may no longer be recruiting, some may not even consider themselves growth hackers. What follows is a list of recruiters that we think show awesome technical knowledge, great marketing tactics and superb recruiting chops. These are the people we think you should be following in 2021. They will help you learn more about building your personal brand and how to growth hack recruitment.

How this list of growth hacking recruiters was created

We do not claim to have an excellent scientific method to creating this list. Instead, this is based on looking through several other lists that have been curated during the communities existence. The original list of growth hacking recruiter published in 2017 was our starting point. We compiled our favourites, got recommendations from the community and picked the ones we think you should follow for 2021. These are some of the people do great stuff while recruiting. We took into account;

The list is in no particular order and is without doubt missing many of the great people contributing to the growth hacking recruiter community. Please help us to keep this list fresh and up to date by continuing the conversation and submitting your favourite people to the list in the Growth Hacking Recruiters forum.

Growth Hacking Recruiters you Should Follow in 2021

Jan Tegze

Profile picture of Jan Tegze

Author of the full stack recruiter, growth hacking recruiters co-founder and Senior Recruitment Manager at Solarwinds. Jan consistently delivers value to his audience and builds brilliant tools to help recruiters improve. His growth hacks are legendary and he is always happy to help his audience. His book is a must read for all modern recruiters.

Best place to follow them Jan’s blog is the best place to start!

Why should you follow them Jan’s a growth hacking guru. There are too many reasons to pick one.

Sofia Broberger

Sofia is huge contributer to the Growth Hacking Recruiter community. She has applied many of the things shared to help train other recruiters and build companies in sweden. It was great to watch her LinkedIn blow up last year. She is a hands on recruiter who you can learn from every day from her social media presence.

Best place to follow her blog is full of great tips and tricks.

Why should you follow them learn to become a one person recruiting function.

Profile picture of Sofia Broburger

Guillaume Alexandre

Profile picture for Guillaume Alexandre

Sourcing guru, growth hacking is Guillaume’s second love. He often mentions it in his talks which you can find at most recruiting events or on YouTube. Last year he launched a new training programme, a website full of free sourcing tools on top of running a sourcing agency in Switzerland.

Best place to follow them his blog.

Why should you follow them sourcing hacks and tactics

Amy Miller

Amy has recruited engineers in the US for Microsoft and Google and is currently at Amazon. Regular contributor to the Recruiters Online facebook community, her brilliant tweets were what first caught our attention. In 2020 she started an awesome YouTube channel that she has grown to more than 2,500 subscribers. A showcase of how to build a brilliant personal brand as a tech recruiter.

Best place to follow her blog Recruiting in Yoga Pants combines all of her tips for candidates and recruiters.

Why should you follow them brilliant personal brand.

Profile picture for Amy Miller

Andre Bradshaw

Profile picture for Andre Bradshaw

We are amazed more people aren’t following Andre, he is a technical wunderkind and has spend most of 2020 building some amazing recruiting tools and hacks. One of the un-sung heroes and real hacker for you to follow and learn from.

Best place to follow him his GitHub is full of awesome tools (get access to his patreon for more)

Why should you follow them applying tech to recruiting problems.

Best tactic to observe technical recruitment growth hacker.

Sjamilla Van der Tooren

Finding herself out of work at the beginning of the pandemic, Sjamilla helped hundreds of other recruiters by building an Airtable full of opportunities. Growth minded Sjamilla is a brilliant recruiter and always sharing useful stuff to help people.

Best place to follow check out her GitHub

Why should you follow them up and coming superstar

Profile picture of Sjamilla Van der Tooren

Greg Hawkes

Profile picture of Greg Hawkes

It’s been a joy to watch Greg grow his YouTube channel and facebook community since he joined the Growth Hacking Recruiters a few years ago. Sourcing IRL is full of real world help to get you sourcing like a pro. He has also created some great resources for the healthcare recruiters and to help you find a job.

Best place to follow them his YouTube channel.

Why should you follow them IRL Sourcing Tactics

Susanna Conway Frazier

Kindergarten Teacher turned Consultant, Trainer, Advisor, Speaker, and… Growth Hacker. 3x SourceCon Hackathon Champion. Susanna is a great recruiter/sourcer to follow and watch growth hack her online presence.

Best place to follow everywhere

Why should you follow them hackathon champion full of great advice.

Best tactic to observe automation.

Profile picture for Susanna Conway Frazier

Dualta Doherty

Profile picture of Dualta Doherty

Recruiter and podcaster Dualta Doherty spend much of 2020 building the lockdown leadership network. Along with his wife, they built a rec2rec agency by applying things learned from reading the 4 hour work week. And have, one of the biggest podcasts in the recruitment space.

Best place to follow them listen to his podcast

Why should you follow them if 2021 is the year you are building your recruiting agency.

Vanessa Raath

South African recruiter and trainer took the sourcecon meetups to the southern hemisphere and built an amazing community. She joined the growth hacking recruiters growth tribe and went on to build her own business and amazing online presence. A brilliant recruiter, awesome at building relationships and communities.

Best place to follow her blog is a great place to start.

Why should you follow them community building entrepreneur.

Andrew Stetsenko

Not a Recruiter, Andrew Stetsenko is an entrepreneur who has built some amazing tools for the recruiting industry. Helping developers relocate with relocate me, helping recruiters learn tech with glossarytech he is a tour de force to watch out for and we are excited to see what he builds next.

Best place to follow them start with his medium

Why should you follow them HR entrepreneur to watch

Katrina Kibben

Get ready to break the recruiting “rules”, if you want to get great at Copywriting, employer brand and being more inclusive. Katrina is the person to watch. The weekly newsletter, YouTube channel and blog are a great place to learn how to become more inclusive and better recruitment marketeer.

Best place to follow read the blog to start with.

Why should you follow them become a more inclusive recruitment marketeer.

Profile picture of Vanessa Rath

Ben Nader

Profile picture for Ben Nader

Ben is leading America’s kitchen table recruiter revolution. He has built a group of people who want to become recruitment entrepreneurs to more than 6 thousand people. His unconventional tips and tricks are going to help you growth hack your business.

Best place to follow them his YouTube channel is full of great tricks for entrepreneurial recruiters.

Why should you follow them sales tactics all day long!

Looking for more growth hacking recruiters to follow?

There are so many great recruiters out there that didn’t quite make this list. People that you should definitely be following but we know you have probably heard of them a bit more. Hung Lee, Katrina Collier, Matt Bradburn, Kasia Tang, Mark Lungren, Aaron Lintz, Kim and Gordon Lokenburg, Adam Gordon, Adam Karpiak, Denis Dinkevich, Joe Mullings, Shirley Almosni Chiche, Iwan Gulenko just to mention a few that didn’t make it to the list. Hopefully you already know most of these names and if not we will do our best to help you get to know them in 2021.

Want to know more, register for the growth hacking recruiter forum to see the entire list of people you should follow we have running in the community. If there are people we missed or info you think is wrong please drop us a comment.

If you got this far, thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this with your friends!

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