What are the best places to learn about tools for Growth Hacking Recruiters?

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    Tris Revill

    I often get asked about my favourite tools to use as a growth hacking recruiter, and some of those tools are the resources other recruiters and growth hackers have written about their favourite tools. Meta right? Post your favourite tools list and resources here!

    SSaR by Dean da Costa is without doubt on of the best tools lists and sourcing resources out there.

    FreeSourcing Tools from Growth Hacking Recruiters Guillaume Alexandre and Pierr-Andre Fortin is a jam packed full of great sourcing resources you can use for FREE.

    Awesome Recruitment Resources from Sjamilla is an excellent resource list covering everything from communities to non recruiting tools to use. Useful and informative, go check it out.

    Boolean Strings Tools list is jam packed with great tools every Growth Hacking Recruiter needs to know.

    The free resource list Glenn Cathey’s BooleanBlackbelt.com is without doubt an exceptional resource every recruiter should know about. Includes loads of tools and tactics you can use to growth hack your hiring.

    66 Growth Hacking Tools this huge list from Growth Hackers.net covers a huge array of tools from automation to data collection.

    Ward’s Growth Hacker tools list is not only an excellent collection but is also laid out in such a way as it is super easy to read and learn from.

    What do you recommend?

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